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Mycology is that the branch of biology involved with the study of fungi, as well as their genetic and organic chemistry properties, their taxonomy and their use to humans as a supply for lighter, medicine, food, and entheogens, additionally as their dangers, like poisoning or infection. A scientist specializing in botany is named a botanist.From botany arose the sector of phytopathology, the study of plant diseases, and also the 2 disciplines stay closely connected as a result of the overwhelming majority of "plant" pathogens square measure fungi. Historically, botany was a branch of phytology as a result of, though fungi square measure evolutionarily additional closely associated with animals than to plants, this wasn't recognized till a number of decades agone. Pioneer mycologists enclosed Elias Magnus Fries, Christian Hendrik Persoon, Anton Diamond State Bary, and Lewis David von Schweinitz.Many fungi turn out toxins, antibiotics, and different secondary metabolites. for instance, the cosmopolitan (worldwide) fungus genus and their toxins related to fatal outbreaks of wholesome harmful aleukia in humans were extensively studied by Abraham Joffe.


  • Medical Mycology
  • Applied Mycology
  • Symbiosis of Fungi
  • Industrial Mycology
  • Fungal Diseases
  • Fungal Bio films
  • Mushrooms

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