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Allied Academics  presents 39th Annual congress of Microbes Infection held at Valencia, Spain during October 29 - 31 after successful completion of 38th Annual congress in London. We move on with next conference with peculiar topics of Life Sciences especially Microbiology. Microbiology the mother of all Life science branches provides new challenges every day. We face those challenges in the form of diseases and solve the issue trough research study on those microbes were microbes and Infection were inter related  Microbes Infection 2018 will provide the clear vision of Advance Microbiology According to some surveys worlds medicine production has improve to four times compared to last 20 years due to wide range of microorganisms were mutated to new species which lead to may unknown diseases infections Diagnosis and prognosis of infection will be possible only those mutated microbes were identified and treated. Research on microorganisms was funded by many countries to save there future generations from upcoming diseases Our scientific meeting provide interesting topics like 

Conference Highlights 

Advanced digital Microscopy

General Microbiology

Clinical Microbiology

Oral Microbiology

Food Microbiology

Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Industrial Microbiology

Marian Microbiology

Molecular Biology



Veterinary Infections

Agricultural Microbiology

Autoimmune Infections





Welcome Message

Allied Academics invites you for 39th Annual congress of Microbes Infection held at Valencia, Spain during October 29-31,2018. Our conference Theme Advanced Research testing and emerging Microbiology Technologies. This conference expose the sophisticated technologies of life sciences and advanced disease diagnosis method. Microorganisms cannot be see through naked eye it was found that microorganisms can be see trough microscope which leads to revolutionary announcement  Our conference focus on updated technologies like cryo electron microscopy which was awarded with noble prize. Our conference will show the research path for Young researcher 

 Microbes Infection 2018 conference will concentrate on Clinical and Molecular levels of research all over the world. All resent clinical discovers and diagnostic inventions will be discussed in our conference each session of highly qualified Scientist will enlighten the knowledge of young scientist. 39th Annual congress of Microbes Infection 2018 will provide CME credits for all participants. Our conference provide huge networking source for Scientists, students, young researchers and business development and expansion people.

Worlds medicine production has improve to four time compared to last 20 years due to wide range of microorganisms were mutated to new species which lead to many unknown diseases infections Diagnosis and prognosis of infections will be possible only those mutated microbes were identified and treated.

Research on microorganisms was funded by many countries to save there future generations from upcoming diseases our conference provides stage for refreshing your knowledge and forecast future development in Life science research.This conference will offer you plenty of opportunities to meet world's leading scientists and researchers.39th Annual congress of Microbes Infection is best source for business network expansion, We invite worldwide pharmacy, Life science and research Laboratory industry as sponsors and exhibitors

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Track : 1 Advanced Digital Microscopy

Human naked eye cannot see the microorganisms as the microorganisms are in negligible size but the health issue caused by them are not neglected. One instrument the change the world of medical science which allowed to make revolutionary inventions in field of medicine that is Microscope. Microscope have many years of History Hans and Zacharias jansen were the name mentioned in history for first thought of Microscope Later Anton van leeuwenhoek invented the first light microscope during 16th Century.Robert Hooke invented the microscope to identification of cell morphology. They are many types of Microscopes. Light Microscope, Compound Microscope, Electron Microscope, Florescence Microscope scientist use advance lenses for magnification and improving clarity of image which finally leads to latest model of microscope cryo electronic microscopy invented by Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson. They share Noble Prize for developing such a  remarkable product 

Common Microscope

Electron Microscope

Scanning Microscope

Fluorescence Microscope 

X- ray Microscope

High Resolution Microscope 

Cryo Electron Microscope

Track: 2 General Microbiology 

General microbiology seems to be common subject but it is the initial point of Microbiology which leads to development of other branches of microbiology. General Microbiology deals with microorganisms and their morphology. Microorganisms were identified by staining Technics difference chemical dye were used to identify and classify basic level of Microorganisms. grams staining which differentiates positive and negative bacteria was the best example of staining which provide the clear picture of Microorganisms. General Microbiology deals with different branches of microbiology like bacteriology, virology etc these detection and diagnostics system were the starting points of Microbiology research








Track 3 : Clinical Microbiology

Clinical Microbiology deals with infection and therapeutic methods of diseases. Microorganisms which cause Infections were taken as samples and diagnosis ed and studied and classified. Clinical Research on Microorganisms will link with pharmaceutical microbiology. every microorganism fight for its survival during this period they produce some chemical like substance from their cell walls call antibiotics or secondary chemicals which kill competitive microorganisms. this chemicals were produce as antibodies to product humans from infection. vaccination is also part of clinical microbiology an inactive microorganisms were injected into our body which triggers human immune system to produce antibodies against antigen. This immune responses will provide protection form microorganisms. this immune response will be life time with help of immune memory cells


Antibiotic Protection

Mono clonal Antibodies

Poly clonal Antibodies

Drug designing



Hybridoma Technology

Recombinant Monoclonal Antibodies

Track 4 : Oral Microbiology

Oral Health is the primary health for humans Oral Microbiology deal with microorganisms present in the oral cavity. Human mouth provide optimum environment for microorganisms to grow. Microbes adhere to teeth, gums and other parts of oral cavity. Mostly bacteria is found in the oral samples. these microbes attach on teeth and gums which causes dental plaques. Oral microbiology gives clear picture of microorganisms which present in oral cavity. Mouth is the starting point of digestion this is done in oral area which converts solid food materials to semi solid. If the dental health is neglected that can effect the total digestion system.this session discuss oral health, dental hygiene, dental research etc

Primary Oral Health

Dental Hygiene

Dental Research

Advanced Dentistry

Oral Cancer

Oral Pathology

Oral and maxillofacial Surgery

Forensic dentistry



Track 5 : Food Microbiology

Study of Microorganisms that contaminates food is called Food Microbiology. Pathogens present in food causes diseases on usage of improper cooked food some time microbes like Streptococci and Staphylococci produce some chemicals in food which leads to food poisoning. Their are many food poisoning microbes that harm human health and same way there some useful microorganisms which are used in packed food production. Food microbiology deals with harmful and useful microorganisms used in food industry packed foods, canned food, probiotics, SCP, etc come under this food science. Food microbiology provide the complete information of food safety, testing and hygiene. Fermentation is the important topic for food industry microbes used in food and beverage preparation are discussed under Food Microbiology

Food born diseases

Food poisoning and pathogens


Useful microorganisms in food industry

Food safety

Food Testing

Food contamination bacteria

Food contamination mycology

Single cell proteins

Predictive microbiology

Track 6 : Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Pharmaceutical Microbiology is the branch of science which deals with microorganisms involves in pharmacy products like oral and injectables materials used in the pharma for tables and injection production should be free form microorganisms and their products like endotoxins and exotoxins. every finished product of pharmaceutical industry will be test for bio-load before dispatching to market. finished goods should be sterile. Different products of pharma have different ranges of bio-load. Orals like tables, capsules and tonics have high bio-load as stomach have acids that can dissolve most of the microorganisms. Injection and saline should have very low bio-load as they are directly injected into blood. according FDA pharmaceutical microbiology includes drug safety, disinfection, anitmicobial activation fumigation etc

Drug Safety

Drug discovery


Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

Microbial contamination

Endo Toxins

Ecto Toxins

Drug testing

Lysate Kits used to identify toxins

Track 7 : Industrial Microbiology

A branch of science which combines Microbial science and Industrial science is called Industrial Microbiology. Industrial production depend on microorganisms uses this Industrial Microbiology example medical application for drug development vitamin and Enzyme production. Fermentation for Alcohol, Ethanol and gas production. dairy products and agricultural products also part of industrial microbiology. Microbes are inserted with desired gene of product with the help of plasmids and vectors which turn them into recombinant DNA microorganisms. now this inoculum was mixed with nutrient medium in fermentation process which provides optimum conditions to microbial growth and produce desire product. when desire product is obtained it is filtered and packed to market Industrial microbiology will deeply discuss about stages of Industrial production with microbes

Medical Application

Agricultural Application

Chemical Application

Beneficial Microbiology

Applied Microbiology

Bio fuels and petroleum Microbiology

Bio remediation


Bio molecules

Bio engineering

Track 8 - Marian Microbiology

Ocean is the habitat for uncountable organisms. Marian microorganisms has ability to survive in hyper tonic solution which allows to live in saltwater. Scientist found new kind of species in ocean. Marin organisms were used to pharmaceutical production. current researchers successful in finding anti cancer and anti inflammation drugs with advanced biotechnology. Marian organisms were help for this research. Natural products for Water or marian organisms were morphine form poppies, cardiotonic digitalis glycoside from foxgloves and penicillin from fungi

Marin Microorganisms resources of New drug

Molecular Probes

Marin nutritional supplies

drug discovery and development of marin drugs

Marin microbial ecology

Marin bacteria

Marin virus

Marin fungi

Track 9 - Molecular Biology 

Sub-atomic biological science may be a very important between disciplinary field of Molecular science, microbial Physiology and genetic science. It chiefly manages the between reliance of the microbial procedures and therefore the completely different sub-atomic cooperation that happen within the creature, for instance, motioning in microscopic organisms and factor treatment in Viruses, that square measure essentially used as an area of treating completely different hereditary sicknesses within the folks with the help of infective agent vectors.A brief introduction to the sector of clinical sub-atomic medicine. Atomic medicine is characterized here as indicative/prognostic nearer that utilizes the estimation of nucleic acids (DNA or doubtless RNA) in clinical circumstances.

PCR - polymer chain reaction



Blotting techniques

Micro array


Molecular Diagnostics


Track 10 - Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the life science branch which combines the living system to technology. Bio means life and living organism or cycle used to develop a product. Biotechnology is use in sector for development medical, Agricultural, Food industry, Pharma, immunology, diagnostic, Research center Modern Biotechnology has advanced rapidly and has emerged as a potential science for providing benefits in all the fields of human welfare. It has a great impact in almost all the domains of human life, may it be health, environment, foods or agriculture. Recent advancements have led to a multidisciplinary applicability of biotechnology. BioTech 2018 will create a great platform to researches, scientists, academicians and industry experts to share experiences, discuss research findings and acquire the desired knowledge for practical exercise.


Microbial Biotechnology

Plant Biotechnology

Animal Biotechnology

Industrial Biotechnology

Marin Biotechnology

Pharma Biotechnology

Track 11- Biochemistry

Biological chemicals present in living organisms becomes the major component of systems metabolic pathways science deals with molecular and cyclic structures and chemical proportion of body fluids is called biochemistry. Biochemistry is the key component of medical diagnostics and genomics research. Biochemistry has its applications in varied fields. The findings of biochemistry are applied primarily in medicine, nutrition, and agriculture. In medicine, biochemists investigate the cause and cure for the malady. In nutrition, it results in maintain health and effects of deficiency of nutrients. In agriculture, biochemists investigate soil and fertilizers, and try to get ways to improve crop cultivation, storage and cuss management.

Clinical Biochemistry

Pharmaceutical Biochemistry

Molecular Biochemistry



Secondary Messengers


Track 12 - Veterinary Infections

This the branch of medical science which deals with diseases, Infections, diagnostics, treatment and prevention of animals. Veterinary infections helps in awareness of infection that spreads from animals to humans.Domesticated animals brought up in a farm setting to deliver wares, for example, nourishment, fiber, and labor. The term is frequently used to allude exclusively to those raised for nourishment, and once in a while just cultivated ruminants. Numerous times of development and early adaption of new technologies has improved their prosperity. The pace of progress and scope of chances are probably not going to reduce later on and we gather it is imperative for all ranchers to stay in contact with developments and see how they can be connected to their cultivating organizations to enhance their administration and physical and money related execution.

Veterinary Infection

Veterinary care

Veterinary diagnostics

Veterinary Treatment

Veterinary Medicine

Clinical Vet research

Track 13 - Agricultural Microbiology

Microorganisms that associates with plants and effect their yield study of these plant microorganisms is called agricultural microbiology. Agricultural is the basic human need and India is called of land of wheat ball. when any kind of infection was spread in crops farmers face the huge loss. Agricultural microbiology with provide the complete information of microbes that infect plants there identification and treatment. Plant pathology,soil erosion and soil microbiology are the major parts of Agricultural microbiology

Plant pathology

Soil Microbiology

Plant bacteriology

Plant virology

Plant mycology

Track 14 Autoimmune Infections

Autoimmune diseases are the abnormal behavior of human immunity which district the self normal cell. Reasons for these infections were unknown but doctor say infection can aggravate due to disturbance of peace of mind. autoimmune disorders cannot be treated permanently but they can be suppressed maximum their are many kinds of autoimmune diseases For the Autoimmune diseases in market there is no specific treatment presented because of its self-killing nature. Mostly techniques such as hormone replacement in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus or Hashimoto's thyroiditis treat outcomes of the auto violent response, thus these are comforting treatments. Dietary manipulation limits the severity of celiac disease. Steroidal or NSAID treatment limits inflammatory response of many diseases. Palliative dealing inflammation is unsafe in Autoimmune Treatment.  IVIG is used for GBS and CIDP. These are Specific immunomodulatory therapies, available in market.

 Diabetes I & II

 Rheumatoid arthritis


 Psoriasis arthritis

 Autoimmune Treatment

 Inherited Autoimmune


Track 15 - Virology

Virology likewise known as medical specialty investigation of infection and infection like operators, their scientific classification quality helpful and atomic properties. In spite of the very fact that its a bit of microbiology.advanced into an enormous branch of study having own sub-fields. Infections have chiefly been thought-about during a negative setting nevertheless their helpful properties square measure being investigated and used today in mumerous ventures and in treatements

Medical Virology

Agricultural Virology

Applied Virology

Molecular Virology


Veterinary Virology

Viral Immunology 

Track 16 - Bacteriology

 Bacteria area unit a cellular microbes that lack nuclear membrane, area unit metabolically active and divide by binary fission. Medically they are significant explanation for un wellness. Superficially microorganism seem to be comparatively easy types of life actually they are refined and extremely film-able. several microorganisms muliply at fast rates and completely different species will utilize a vast type of organic compound substrates as well as phenol, rubber and fossil oil. These organisms exist wide in each parasitic and non symbiotic forms. as a result of they are present and have a stimulating capability to adapt to ever changing environments selectively of spontaneous mutants the importance of microorganisms in each field of drugs can not be exaggerated The discipline of spontaneous mutants

Bacterial Diseases

Emerging Bacterial diseases

Bacterial Pathogenesis

Multi Pathogen Infection

Industrial Bacteriology

Applied Bacteriology

Bacterial Genomics

Medical Bacteriology

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